Free Analogue Video Effects for Final Cut Pro X (Donationware)

Free Analogue Video Effects for Final Cut Pro X (Donationware)

The trend of old-looking retro video is on the rise, so I scoured through the Internet for some free video effects. Unfortunately, I’m not going to name anything, but majority of the effects and the tutorials on YouTube look fake.

Also not to mention that you need a paid video program in order to achieve the VHS effect, unless you use AVISynth for Windows and download a free convincing VHS effect. For obvious reasons, I don’t use Windows much, because I prefer to do multimedia projects on a Mac.

The only things close to the real deal is the VHS tutorials by Frikanih FX (requires After Effects) and Red Giant’s Universe VHS (subscription software). Don’t get me wrong, I still give credit to a lot of people putting in the effort to learn how to create the retro look in various video editing programs.

Earlier this year, I bought Final Cut and Motion as part of the Apple Pro Apps Education Bundle for a relatively low price compared to the industry standards, but very expensive nonetheless at S$300 (or $199 for the United States). I then decided to bring over what I was working in After Effects to Apple Motion. Yeah, I actually worked on the analogue video effects on After Effects CS6 first, but if there’s popular demand, I’ll finish the effects and release them online, but sadly they would not be customisable, you need to go into the settings and tweak the parameters yourself.

So after many days learning how to use Apple Motion, I am proud to release version 1.0 of my analogue video effects for Final Cut Pro X. I even made the effects customisable and easy to use, something which I didn’t do in After Effects. You can set any price you want to support me or just take it for free.

Get the effects here!

Updates will be coming to make them look better in the long run, so stay tuned!


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