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Since the mid-2010s, there has been a trend of emulating grainy old-looking “retro” video, so I scoured through the Internet for some free video effects. Unfortunately (I’m not going to name anything), majority of the effects and the tutorials on YouTube look fake because either the “chromatic aberration” was too fake or too sharp, or simply a cliché washed-out blue tint over the video…

Also not to mention that you need a paid video program in order to achieve the VHS effect, unless you use AVISynth for Windows and download a free “convincing” VHS effect. For obvious reasons, I don’t use Windows much, because I prefer to do multimedia projects on a Mac.

The only things close to the real deal is the VHS tutorials by Frikanih FX (requires After Effects) and Red Giant’s Universe VHS (subscription software), and recently Vladimir Storm with his VHS Pro effect for Unity3D with extensive documentation. Don’t get me wrong, I still give credit to a lot of people putting in the effort to learn how to create the retro look in various video editing programs.

I have sourced real analogue TV captures and VHS materials and meticulously recreated the main aspects of what made it so horribly great. In the next update the analogue TV effect will be upgraded the same way.

Now, this analogue video effects for Final Cut Pro X is at v1.5, with a new and improved VHS effect as shown here: Much more subtle “chromatic aberration” compared to my previous attempt (plus it renders a little faster):

I even made the effects customisable and easy to use, something which I didn’t do in After Effects. You can set any price you want to support me or just take it for free.

Get the effects here!

Updates will be coming to make them look better in the long run, so stay tuned! A proper promotion with better sense of video editing will come very soon in January 2019 with a brand new look.

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